How much does an Investment Banking Analyst make?

A first-year investment banking analyst's compensation is a combination of Salary and Bonuses


$85,000 - base salary is pretty uniform across the street


$10,000 -15,000 - signing or relocation bonus

  • signing bonuses typically come with a 1-year clawback, so if you leave the bank before your first year is up you pay the signing bonus back in cash
  • some regional and middle market banks will pay as low as $7,500 and some elite boutiques can go all the way upto $50,000 (these come with a 3-year clawback)

$35,000 upto 100% of salary - year-end bonus (summer bonus cycle)

  • Bulge Brackets are known to be on the lower-end of year-end bonuses with a narrow range usually around $35,000 - 50,000, elite boutiques are known to pay on the higher end ranging upto 100% of salary

All-in Compensation:

$130,000 - 145,000 is the standard range, and ranging higher for elite boutiques