What skills make a great investment banking Analyst?

Financial knowledge and math skills are great but the real drivers of a “Top Bucket*” investment banker are:

1. Detail Oriented

Accidentally bold a single letter on a 42 page pitch book, and your associate will catch it!

2. Analyze Large Amounts of Information Efficiently

You are going to be developing models for companies that will have different drivers. You are going to have to be able to understand, "what makes this company tick"…quickly, and correctly

3. Ridiculously Driven

When you're putting in 90 hours a week, you have to have a purpose, or you will burnout…contrary to what alot of people think, MONEY ALONE CANNOT KEEP YOU IN BANKING.

4. Team Players

You're going to be spending long hours with the same group of people. If you aren't able to work well with others, it will make it one hellish ordeal

*Top Bucket refers to when Bankers are given bonuses they are separated into different buckets. Top Bucket analysts are the top performers, who receive the largest bonuses.