What do Investment Bankers do? - the Deal Team


Investment Bankers perform two main functions for client companies: help Raise Capital, and provide Mergers and Acquisition Advice.

Deal Team

There are different tiers of seniority and at each level responsibilities change, it is good to look at a holistic picture of how a deal team functions:

Analysts: They work 80+ hour work weeks conducting due diligence, developing presentation materials, and preparing financial models on excel that provide the valuations for raising capital and advising on M&A transactions. They also prepare pitchbooks, which are essentially the Powerpoint presentations that present the banker's recommendations to companies that they want to hire them (pitching ideas). Pitchbooks are a large part of many analysts jobs as you can’t be working on deals 100% of the time unless you are at a boutique that doesn’t pitch. Even in that rare scenario you may have to conduct research and analysis to present to clients like industry overviews...visit our Models page if you want to get a peak at how the financial modeling is done.

Associates: Do similar work as the analysts but now carry the additional responsibility of handling the analysts and checking their work.

Vice Presidents: This is when the investment banker's begin to transition from working on the models and pitchbooks to managing the projects. Begin to also get more facetime with clients.

Senior VP: A combination of project management like the VP's and client facing work where they manage their own business.

Managing Director: Winning clients, and making sure the clients continue to bring their business to the bank. They find out what the client wants and push it down the ladder to the VP's to work it out of the analysts and associates.