What questions should I ask my interviewer?

  • Why did you choose this group/bank when you were going through the recruitment process?
  • How much pitching vs execution work does this group do?
  • When on live deals what type of role does the group take, ex. do you only take book running roles, as leads or do you take passive and co-managing roles as well?
  • What is the mix of deal types (M&A vs Equity vs Debt)?
  • Do you do the modeling in house or is it farmed out to the product groups?

The above questions show the banker interveiwing you that you understand what it's like to be on the job and the burning desires of first year analysts. Many analysts complain about being at banks where all they do is pitch work and never get to work on deals, or that they don't get enough experience doing financial modeling. When looking for Private Equity jobs after banking two of the big things that PE shops are looking for is your deal experience and modeling expertise.