7 Steps to become a banker? - Highschool to Wall Street

From when you are in High School you can follow a series of steps to find your way into a career in Investment Banking:

1. Target University

Get into a target university (universities that investment banks recruit at)

2. GPA

Maintain a very high GPA (minimum 3.5) while in college, but note that taking business courses is not extremely important (use step three to show “why investment banking”)

3. Show Interest

Get involved in clubs, and societies that show an interest towards high finance and investment banking in college

4. Leadership

Show leadership in your activities from step 3

5. Network, Network, Network

Reach out to people in the industry to learn as much as you can - these relationships will help you during recruitment. Find our guide on networking here

6. Internship

After your Junior year land an internship in Investment Banking for the summer

  • if you are at a target school investment banks will recruit at your school, so just be prepared for interviews and start networking during your sophomore year to be recognized at information sessions
  • If you didn’t follow step one and are not at a target school, how well you networked will determine how many interviews you get....everything you need for interveiw prep is on ibankingfaq.com , and the Vault Guide to Investment Banking

7. Return Offer

Get a return offer from your internship

  • Accept your offer to work full-time after graduation at the investment bank you interned with
  • or try to interview with other investment banks in August after the end of the internship and get an offer somewhere else...note that if you didn't receive an offer from your internship no other bank will even consider you