The Perfect Networking Email for IB Interns

Its always difficult to know what to write when emailing someone for the first time. Its especially difficult when you are looking for a job.

After extensive trial and error the Valuation University team has compiled the perfect Networking Email for interns looking for work elsewhere

Subject Line

XYZ University Student interning at ABC Bank IBD

  • Start with what University you go to if you are emailing an alumni
  • Start with the bank if it is not alumni
  • In some circumstances include what group you are in if it makes sense

ex subject line. Emory student interning with Goldman IB, FIG Coverage

This would be a great subject line if you are emailing a fellow alumnus from Emory who is in IB and FIG coverage at another bank


Hello Banker X,

I am a rising senior at Emory and I am currently interning in the investment banking division at Goldman Sachs, in their Financial Institutions Group. I have been having a great summer and am enjoying my time in Investment Banking. 

However, I would like to learn more about banking at an M&A focused shop. Specifically, I would love to learn about Evercore and your accelerated recruiting process.

I’d love to get on the phone with you, or meet for coffee to talk a little about banking and get some advice, and I have also attached my resume for your reference. I know you are busy, so please feel free to get back to me at your convenience.


Your name here

Additional Notes

  • Attach your resume - this allows the person on the other end an immediate chance to see whether they would like to continue the discuss or not. Since, your are networking for accelerated recruiting, there is no reason to be coy about what you are looking for

  • Be specific about common traits - if you have any commonalities such as both having been student athletes, make sure to note them